Friday, 29 June 2012

Murderwang Birthday Cake

My boyfriend asked if I would make a cake for his friend's birthday, which isn't actually until next week but we're on holiday so he wanted to take it this week.  I asked what to do and he said just a simple sponge and nothing too sweet.  So I did my usual vanilla sponge cake split across two tins and then filled with jam.  No buttercream because even I think buttercream is too sweet.  But I figured a little bit of icing wouldn't hurt.  The decoration is inspired by a Mitchell and Webb, sketch: the Numberwang Code.  The friend uses the name 'Murderwang' on their society forum, which is inspired by this sketch.  Thus I translated it onto a cake.  I did the red first and let it set before I did the white.

It went down really well apparently, so I am very pleased.

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