Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Glenrothes Road Run Cakes

Not my best photo admittedly but I was in a rush.  I took the picture just before I finished packing them away in the box (you can just see one of the layers below the four on top) and heading out the door.

Saturday night I made 32 fairy cakes from my basic recipe which were supposed to be for all the kids in the class I work in who showed up to take part in the Glenrothes Road Running Festival on Sunday.  Unfortunately only two showed up so I ended up handing out a bunch of them to random people and then taking the rest into school on Monday for the teachers to eat.

Originally I was going to ice them completely yellow...except I did not realise I only had a small amount of icing sugar.  Even the stuff I had needed to be supplemented with a few melted marshmallows.

Simple but still yummy.

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