Friday, 29 June 2012

Cake Pop Cupcakes

As is often the case, the idea for these started out much more elaborate than what I ended up with.  Not to say they were a complete disaster.  They still looked cool and were very yummy.  I just wish the cake pops looked a bit better (they were meant to look like balloons) and I would have done something more fancy on top of the icing but I was so tired by that point that I just went with pretty sprinkles.  And trust me, I was tired.  I even used a hand mixer to make the cake batter, which I NEVER do usually.

The cake pops did give me some trouble with putting together.  I made 34 cake pops, meaning I had 3 I could lose.  I lost those almost immediately so I was really careful not to lose any more.  I got them all coated and left them to set.  Then I came back and one had come apart!  I was so upset.  Luckily I still had loads of cake left over so was able to make up a few more.

Then there was the chocolate!  I didn't have much of it so carefully worked out how much I needed and had just enough for each colour.  Then water got in one batch!  So frustrating!  I think I was a bit irritable at the local shop when I ran round to grab more chocolate from the sweets section.  I could only find small Milky Bars but they worked fine.  It all turned out fine in the end and the kids enjoyed them and that's what counts.

So the cupcakes were my usual ones.  I made a batch big enough for 36 but ended up with 40.  Since I only needed 31 so I had some spare to scoff myself.

The cake pops used the same method I used last time but I used a different cake than what I used before.  Namely the one they had in the original recipe.  Also, I only coated them in white chocolate but I coloured it with blossom tint.  I used about 250g of chocolate, 50g per colour.

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  1. but still that's a great inspiring idea...perfect for kids birthday